Shared Services

Further support comes from our corporate team on the Gold Coast office including Operations, Commercial, Reservations, Finance, Talent and Culture, IT and Legal teams. These highly specialised functions are responsible for ensuring your property achieves results through strong national and regional campaigns with a focus on maximising your return at every possible opportunity.


The Operations team under Accor Apartments and Realty (A&R) is responsible for a variety of tasks, from daily actions such as front office management, housekeeping and maintenance to fulfilling agreement duties that are unique to each property.


The Commercial Department is made up of key departments, including Revenue, Sales, Distribution and Marketing. Given the large number of properties under Accor Apartments and Realty.


The purpose of Finance within Accor A&R is ensure that all Shared Services are following property specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) from a financial point of view. Regular internal auditing and reporting tools are in place to ensure that our operational staff are properly supported.


Our Central Reservations is our hotel support and guest experience team located in Gold Coast, Australia. The team manages and provides support to a wide range of reservations and processes for our A&R properties, whilst also facilitating guest feedback for all Accor Hotels across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and French Polynesia.


The Legal team plays a vital part in Accor A&R, supporting all previously mentioned functions within Accor Apartments and Realty. Assisting property General Managers in any legal assistance from reviewing contracts to revising external and internal policies in a timely and efficient manner.


Accor A&R IT department is an essential day to day shared service role across for both property staff members and the support offices across our Pacific portfolio. They are a team of specialists that will help diagnose incidents and guide our teams to the best course of action to correct the issues.

Talent & Culture

The Talent & Culture team is crucial in overseeing our most valuable assets - our people. Based in the Gold Coast Support Office. Their guidance is invaluable in supporting our stakeholders across the centralised Shared Services including Commercial, Asset Management, Finance, IT, Legal, Talent and Culture and our centralised call centre. They have a dedicated emphasis on nurturing, growing and retaining our exceptional talent.